Intex-16-x-42-pool-gallons, guaranteed summer fun. you’ll always have a space to relax and have fun with the family in the intex 16’ x 48” ultra frame® pool set. between the ultimate pool parties and refreshing morning aquarobics, everyone in your home is going to get a splash out of this above ground pool all summer.. 4524 gallons--if it' like mine. mine is an intex easy set pool. the hth pool chemical company has a calculator to help you figure it out. here's their webside:, a leading brand in the manufacture of above ground pools, air mattresses and pvc inflatable products. with over 40-year of history, we work hard to maintain the highest standards for safety, quality and value..

We stock intex pools year around. shop the entire line of intex pool products from's intex superstore - easy set, frame set, prism pools., 2020 above ground pool s average 8 5 x 3 2 13 foot rectangular frame how much chlorine should i use in my pool intex pool salt calculator pool calculator how much water is inpool gallons chart for vinyl poolspool calculator how much water is in yourpool water volume calculator in gallons with size chartsintex […]. Above ground pool pump options reviewed. the best hayward and intex filter pumps reviewed. our easy to understand table helps match the right pump to your above ground pool size. find the right pump for your pool with our easy to follow guide., here is the pool volume formula: length x width x average depth x multiplier = volume in us gallons. determine the multiplier: multiplier = 7.5 for rectangle, square, or free-form pools; multiplier = 5.9 for round or oval pools; determine the average depth:.

Affirm - monthly payments. affirm is a financing alternative to credit cards and other credit-payment products. pay for your purchase over 12 months starting at 0% apr when you checkout with affirm monthly payments., original bmw z4 g29 exterior mirror right 2056.0540 dimming indoor heated pool original bmw. mirror heated original pool 2056.0540 right exterior dimming g29 z4 indoor bmw g29 exterior z4 bmw heated pool indoor right original dimming 2056.0540 mirror original bmw.

Volume of a cylinder is pi x radius squared x height. pi = 3.1416 radius squared of 14' pool is 7' x 7 or 49' height is 42/12 or 3.5' note this is full to the brim! not very likely in an above ...