Ozark-foods-long-term-storage, there are companies that can take care of your long-term food storage needs with the press of a button. you can literally buy a years’ worth of food for you and yours, right now!. Typical long-term food storage strategies involve packaging dried or dehydrated foods in metal, #10 cans that are hermetically sealed and often have oxygen and moisture absorbers enclosed. another long-term packaging solution involves the use of large, 5-gallon plastic buckets., survival food essentials for long-term emergencies and disasters from one month to 1 year. lasts up to 25 years.. Being prepared with emergency food storage is more than "just a good idea." it's becoming a necessity! with severe weather, earthquakes, wildfires, terrorist attacks and hurricanes, it could mean the difference between thriving and surviving., survival food storage is a very personalized choice and one that will vary from family to family. when you make the decision to prepare yourself and your family for any type of emergency you want to be sure that you have chosen the right survival food and supplies that will benefit your family the most, keeping you protected and nourished..

Storage conditions. storage life can be significantly impacted by the following conditions: temperature: store products at a temperature of 75°f/24°c or lower whenever possible. if storage temperatures are higher, rotate products as needed to maintain quality., contact information. address: 3676 california ave, b106 salt lake city, ut 84104. phone: sales: 800-820-1329 customer service: 800-393-2570. email: [email protected]

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