Paint-a-plaster-pool, in addition to draining the pool, you need to degrease the surface using tsp scrub, acid etch the plaster, then wash and scrub with tsp again before you can paint. for epoxy paints, you also need the pool to dry for up to five days. you then apply a coat of paint with long, even strokes, wait six hours, and apply another coat.. Both pool paint and pool plaster require that the pool be drained properly and prepared for the new surface. to paint the pool, you’ll need to degrease the surface with tsp, then acid etch the plaster, followed by another washing and scrubbing with tsp., plaster consists of portland cement, quartz sand and additives. pool shells commonly have a layer of plaster over concrete or gunite. over time the plaster cracks or chips from wear, contact with....

This is a video showing how to repair and re-paint a plaster pool that has previously been painted with epoxy paint. kind of tricky but doable!, i wouldn't. if the plaster really needs to be replaced, ie lose/uneven/crumbling then painting won't help much. also paint doesn't last nearly as long as plaster does, is a mess to clean up when it does start failing, and it costs almost as much as plaster..

Pool plaster - pool plaster lasts on average between 7 to 12 years before needing to be resurfaced with some variance for plaster that will last longer and shorter for various reasons. pool plaster can be applied over old, existing pool plaster so long as the old layer is not delaminated from the base shell layer.