Paint-over-granite-countertops, so, yes, you can paint over granite countertops and make them a thing of beauty. actually, i think you could paint over any unattractive countertops and make them fit your taste. want to see how i painted floor tile? check out this post: painting floor tile. thanks so much for stopping by!. Have you thought about replacing a granite countertop because you don’t love the color? replacing a granite countertop is a pricy option, what if it were possible to paint it instead? well, i tried it. a recent renovation to this room in our home, involved updating the fireplace color to white here and repainting the walls here. now that those… continue reading →, the process is frighteningly simple: if you choose to buy a granite painting kit like giani granite, you'll apply a primer to your countertop, then use sponges to apply a series of colored paints until they marble together like real granite would. you can blend the paints to your desired tone, and even add "veins" with a paintbrush for a more realistic look..

Sep 13, 2018 - want to know if you can paint over granite counter tops? you can! i turned my ugly granite into gorgeous faux marble counters with just primer and paint., apr 19, 2019 - explore crystal verde's board "painted granite countertops" on pinterest. see more ideas about painted granite countertops, granite countertops, countertops..

Nothing spoils the effect of a beautiful fireplace like an outdated surround. granite is one example of a surround material that can grow tiresome over time. the smooth, slick surface may appear hard, cold and too 1980s-contemporary for your taste. one way to change the look of your granite fireplace is to paint it., whether you're the type who anxiously waits for sherwin williams and pantone to release the latest palettes each year or are merely tired of the '70s hue that dominates your vanity top, painting over a laminate counter is a relatively inexpensive and simple way to change up the color in your bathroom..

Sure, a complete revamp of a kitchen countertop is a new and fresh way of updating your surface. but when cost and other factors are an issue, painting kitchen countertops might also be a viable option, providing a middle ground between replacing the countertop and dealing with it for the time being., me and my fiance are moving into our first home and it's pretty much our dream house. except for these ugly granite counter tops in the kitchen. i know that they are popular with the majority of people, but it's definitely not my taste and i don't even know what i'd do for decorating the kitchen because the counter tops clash with my decorating style. i would desperately like to know if there ...