Paint-roller-for-cabinets, standard rollers are 9 inches long, while mini rollers are only 4 inches long. a big roller may be the smart choice for painting walls and ceilings, but smaller may be better when rolling around.... In short, the best type of roller for painting cabinets is a 4-inch roller with a foam cover or, in some cases, a fabric cover with a thin nap. a 4-inch roller is best because it allows you to control paint application in tight spaces and navigate around the trim, curves, and grooves inherent in cabinet designs., paint rollers can be ideal for interior and exterior diy painting jobs due to their ease, versatility and speed of application. compared to paint brushes, the different types of paint rollers used properly can provide smoother finishes and are less likely to cause splatter..

6- or 7-inch rollers are a good size for painting baseboard molding or small furnishings. these rollers are also useful for getting into corners or reaching behind the toilet to paint the wall...., 4" high density foam mini roller refills (5) are perfect for glossy paints (enamels), urethanes, varnishes, primers and stains. applies a lint-free, spray-like finish. ideal for doors, cabinets, furniture and molding..

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