Painting-cabinets-with-milk-paint, give the second coat of primer 4 hours to dry before you move on to the milk paint. the general finishes milk paint  is by far the easiest product that i have ever used. if you have primed correctly and thick enough, one coat of milk paint will almost be enough.. As part of our ultra-low-budget kitchen refresh, we’re sharing our diy experience painting our kitchen cabinets with white milk paint! we’ve just completed an ultra-low-budget “refresh” of our kitchen, which ran us about $500 all-in., milk-painted upper cabinets, cherry bases. the milk paint is a custom mix of colors from the old fashioned milk paint company. i applied two coats of oil-based polyurethane by brush. this photo was taken after the kitchen had been in use for 12 years..

I’ve been gone from blogging for sooooo long that i seriously had to relearn how to upoad a photo! no joke. the last 6 months have been a wild, amazing, scary, crazy ride. i’d like to think that things have started to slow down a bit but i’d be lying if i told you that. however ... read more about painting kitchen cabinets with general finishes milk paint, let’s focus on these crisp, clean, painted cabinets with general finishes milk paint instead. i applied 2 coats of snow white and one coat of high performance top coat in satin. (favorite top coat) i used the same paint/sealer combo on our dining room furniture recently..

Painting a bathroom cabinet with general finishes milk paint – do you guys live with a lover of wood grain? you know, someone that can’t even bear to paint over “good wood” – me too! so imagine my pure elation when i was given the green light to paint the bathroom cabinet with general finishes milk paint in snow white. oh my word, huge difference!, back in october, i decided to paint my kitchen island with milk paint, and it truly was the easiest experience i have ever had painting cabinets. i am sure some of you are curious to see how they are holding up, so i wanted to give you a follow-up report. for a little refresher, here […].

With the milk paint, i could finish two coats on about ten different doors in a few hours. painting kitchen cabinets is a long process no matter what you do, but this dry time can significantly simplify the process. why people don’t love milk paint there are a few well known downsides to using general finishes milk paint., sorry for going mia on you guys last week, but i was living it up in new york city- celebrating with better homes and gardens for the annual stylemaker honor. and while i will definitely share a re-cap of the event with you guys soon, today i wanted to share a review of my milk painted kitchen cabinets and how they are holding up after one full year..

As i’ve been sharing the process of painting the cabinetry in my house, i’ve received the same question several times… “why aren’t you using mms milk paint on your cabinets?”. as i mulled over how to best answer that question, my thoughts wandered to my art supplies.