Painting-countertops-to-look-like-soapstone, true soapstone has a beautiful matte finish which is why i used the flat paint. after those coats were completely dry, i mixed some dark gray acrylic craft paint with some of the black to create a lighter black just a few shades above the original. using a real sea sponge and a rag, i started to mottle. this is the tricky/nontricky part.. Soapstone countertops are typically 1-1/4″ thick. the plywood comes pre-primed on one side but i went ahead and gave it a coat of tinted primer making sure i primed all sides and around the sink and faucet opening in case it came in contact with water. then, i painted it with a couple coats of lincoln cottage black by valspar., i am currently pretty set on doing my countertops with the chalkboard paint for the soapstone look…was wondering how the wax finish alone has held up as i have seen similar techniques published only finished with polyacrylic as opposed to wax..

Are stone kitchen countertops out of your budget? make your old laminate countertops look like stone by painting them -- we'll show you how! get step-by-step instructions for this project at ..., replacing laminate countertops with stone can be quite pricey, but they can be redesigned for half the cost with some paint and a bit of patience. not only can your counters be a different color, but they can even look like an entirely new material..

Diy soapstone countertops using paint this is a simple and budget-friendly way to make diy soapstone countertops using latex paint over plywood. this technique was used in our modern farmhouse cottage shed kitchenette., the right countertops can really make your entire kitchen and these soapstone countertops are going to do that and a whole lot more.

Continue doing this until your countertop is sans laminate and all you are left with is a piece of wood. it is totally ok if you make a few nicks, scratches and such on the wood as you tear the laminate off., stone countertops that look like a concrete or quartz with textured spray paint. this is after i tried the gianni granite system which did not work for me because i did not follow the directions .... An easy and fun project for do-it-yourselfers, painting kitchen countertops is a cost-effective way to make a statement in the kitchen. it's possible, for instance, to mimic the look of granite by painting your countertops with a faux granite finish, or even the look of stainless steel with a shiny, satin-finish paint in a gray-blue metallic palette.