Painting-kitchen-cabinets-antique-white, a creamy or antique white is a great neutral choice that will look good on cabinets in most kitchen spaces. antique white kitchen cabinets can create a dreamy vibe in your kitchen and are a great way to calm a usually hectic space. if cabinets feel very old and outdated, use faux finishes to enhance this look in a cool way.. There are some colors give the look of the antique white kitchen cabinets, choose from raw umber, burnt sienna, gray-brown or black to mix with white depending on the look you want to achieve. mix your color choice in the glaze. tint frosting becomes darker with more color you add., we polled designers for their tips on painting kitchen cabinets white—from the right primer, to the magic number of coats to use..

By kathy adams maple is often used for modern kitchen cabinets because of its light color and the durability of the wood. if your home and kitchen decor lean more toward the antique or shabby chic..., diy painting kitchen cabinets antique white. source: the kitchen cabinet comes to the market in various shapes and sizes. if you want to create a classic white kitchen, you can easily buy an antique white kitchen cabinet you need. however, if the money is an issue, a diy painting kitchen cabinet is always highly ....

Glazing is a technique in which a coating is applied to already painted cabinets. the coating can be transparent, semi-transparent, white, or darker colored. glazing can be used to bring out the details on cabinetry and is especially popular for creating a beautiful, antique look to kitchen cabinets.