Painting-old-asbestos-floor-tiles, painting over asbestos tile use an oil-based primer to seal the floor and further encapsulate the asbestos fibers. remove the baseboards or cover them with masking tape and use a brush or roller to evenly coat the floor, leaving an "escape route" so you won't be trapped until the paint dries.. We moved into an old house last summer. our basement is not finished, but is partially covered in vinyl tile. i'm 99% sure that some of that is asbestos tile (9x9) and is really old., yes. asbestos becomes dangerous when it's disturbed through chipping, cutting, breaking which sets the fibers in the air and any removal should be handled only by a certified asbestos abatement team..

During the remodling of our family room we found 9x9 tiles. they are in good condition. we were told to paint over them and then lay carpet strips for the new carpeting., asbestos, a heat-resistant fibrous silicate mineral, was a common element in construction materials due to its resilient, durable nature—until the 1980s, anyway, when it was banned due to the .... These tiles are at least 30 yrs old, but in great shape. we wish to change the color. this is a high traffic, public area, so the surface must be durable and not too slick or glossy. also, a paint that was less rather than more toxic (during application) would be prefferable., strategies for leaving asbestos-containing floor tiles or sheet flooring safely in place in a building: choosing an appropriate material to cover-up or coat the surface of a sound, well-adhered floor can protect against future damage or asbestos particle release in the building..

I’m told that the old vinyl floor tiles in the basement of our 1950 house contain asbestos and that i should not try to remove the tiles but cover them with wall-to-wall carpeting., daniel king. writer. daniel king joined in 2017. he comes from a military family and attended high school on an air force base in japan, so he feels a close connection to veterans, military families and the many hardships they face.