Painting-over-linoleum-floor-tiles, dull or older linoleum can take the sheen out of room, but you can paint over linoleum floor to help restore its luster. there are some pros and cons you should know about first though.. Hi bethany, i’m moving into an old place that has linoleum only in the bedrooms! 50s agh.. so i asked a lot of people from the branch and they all told me painting linoleum is not a good idea because its elastic and so the color would crack after a short time.., painting floors can considerably change the visual aesthetic of a room, and is a relatively inexpensive way to give new life to dated flooring. because floors experience traffic and, as a result, suffer more wear and tear than other painted surfaces like walls, cabinets and furniture, it is important that you take certain measures to protect your paint job. when it comes to painting linoleum ....

Try a top coat of polycrylic to make it super tough. i have a gift-shop booth at a local antique mall. the mall floor was an ugly painted, scuffed-up grey over concrete., the bathroom cabinets we updated a couple of months ago needed the floor to go with them. since replacing the linoleum wasn’t in the budget, we painted it!.

Hi kelsey! i’ve haven’t used this paint in my bathrooms (but plan to at some point, because my floors are ugly in there, too). i would think as long as you don’t leave any water standing on the floor, you would be ok to use this in a bathroom.