Painting-rusty-truck-frame, poor quality paint will damage your truck frame. even the paint can be broke the bond a few days later that will cost you more if you don’t notice the frame gradually will get rust again and damage permanently.. In this video matt strips down a 1939 ford frame using a few eastwood tools then paints it with rust encapsulator plus and chassis black! buy contour sct: ht..., follow along as we take a look at rust busting and truck frame rust removal and prevention on our 1997 ford f350 project truck! see how we took care of the rust using rust-oleum right here in this ....

Here is how to paint rusty metal the easy way. rather then sending all of the rust off of the metal, you could buy a rest converting primer, which mixes with the rust and converts it into a primer..., many truck frames around the country get rusty because they are exposed to rough roads that erode the paint over time. the undercarriage parts will immediately begin to oxidize once the factory finish gets sandblasted off by road debris.. Opinions on painting frame with rustoleum paint & bodywork. i used rustoelum rusty metal primer and gloss black. i don't have my truck finished yet but the paint has been on it for a couple of years now and the frame was stored outdoors for about 2 years with the rustoleum on it., i am going to be painting the frame on my f100 soon and i figure rustoleum is pretty reasonably priced so i thought i would use it. post pics of the frames you have painted with it..

Rust busting: how to revive a corroded frame. the salt of winter, the humidity of summer and a fair amount of neglect in between can do a number on your truck’s frame, axles and suspension., rustoleum rusty metal primer, a few coats and your frame is about as rust free as it gets. the rubberized crap is great untill it cracks and holds the moisture and salt water in, instead of out and you cant see the corosion untill your frame starts to rot out real bad, trust me stay away from the stuff...been there done that..

06-10-10 04:56 am - post# 1927834 the frame on my truck probably hasn't seem paint in years. its pretty rusty under there. i do not have access to sand blasting equipment.