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Net lights outdoor mesh lights with remote,9.8ft x 6.6ft 200 led tree-wrap lights,party background light,8 modes dimmable string lights for christmas halloween brush-powered by 3x d battery,warm white, a small italian town has become world famous after accidentally erecting some rude christmas lights on its palm trees. photos of the christmas lights in civitanova marche have gone viral after bein…. I have had one of these trees for almost a year. it gets lit up every night. i am surprised about this product though, even after being submerged in water for 5 days after hurricane harvey, it still lit right up, even though it is slowly starting to die out now., when you live in a tropical area, what's wrong with having some good old-fashioned christmas spirit? a lot! that's what! especially when you decide to deck out the ole palm tree in your front yard..

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