Palm-tree-nursery-orange-county-ca, peltzer palms nursery find high-quality palm trees of all types at the very best prices in orange county.. Orange county's wholesale tree center. palm trees, screen trees, evergreens and specimens-call today our orange county tree nursery or visit us for a free gift (mention website)., you message has been sent! we will be in touch soon. ©california palm nusery 2015 | hq phone: 949-678-7003 | point-of-interest. California palm nursery is dedicated to providing california acclimated palms and palm trees such as king palm - archontophoenix cunninghamiana, queen palm - syagrus romanzoffiana, pigmy date palm - phoenix robellini, mountain fishtail - caryota urens, king kong thai giant., a pygmy date palm provides a tropical look without the towering height of other palms. graceful, swaying fronds stay in view at a manageable scale. best in full sun to partial shade with regular watering. slow growing to about 10 feet..

The areca palm may quite possibly be the world's most popular indoor palm, for a good reason! native to madagascar, these natural wonders are ideal as houseplants because they can filter dry, stale air, and remove pollutants and irritants all while produc, about us . cambridge pines & nursery opened in the city of orange in 1977. next year will be our 40th anniversary. our second 10 acre farm near fallbrook originated in 1981..

Seaside growers nursery produces and sells quality plants ranging from drought-tolerant succulents and grasses to palms and tropical plants. come browse our sunny succulent and water wise plant area or stroll through the shade house loaded with palms, ferns, cycads, house and office plants, plus unique plants of many textures and colors., california grown date palms for sale: we sell canary island date palms, medjool date palms, zahidi and deglet noor date palms. shipping to: las vegas, arizona, florida, texas california