Paper-backed-wood-veneer-uk, decoflex decoflex paper backed veneer is an innovative veneer product using the latest in technology with natural veneer to create a easy-to-use, flexible veneer sheet.. Flexible wood veneer and paper backed veneer is a speciality of flexible wood veneer manufacturer reliance veneer of london. over 100 different species of flexible veneer available in many different sheet sizes and sanded. cheapest prices and best quality, flexi wood veneer is a highly flexible paper backed wood veneer sheet that can be used for surfacing curved areas without the problems of splitting or splintering. it is extremely flexible, easy to handle and can be cut with scissors or a craft knife. thickness: 0.6mm. flexi wood veneer is a highly flexible paper backed veneer sheet..

Paper-backed veneer lay-on’s offer a flexible solution to veneering panels that cannot be placed in a traditional press. these may be curved panels, panels unable to withstand the pressure of a press or pre-constructed items that need veneering but cannot be separated into their component parts., wood veneer uk specialise in supplying you with a choice of the world’s finest quality wood veneers by mail order. we offer a wide range of marquetry supplies, paper backed wood veneers, decorative veneers and exotic wood veneer species..

All of our paper-backed veneer sheets are made from the finest wood veneer for outstanding character and figure. premium wood veneers are permanently bonded to a resin saturated backing which allows maximum flexibility., applying paper-backed veneer a question about the best adhesive to use for paper-backed veneer over plywood leads to an extended discussion comparing professional methods to inexpensive and less-durable diy options.. Flexible real wood veneer sheets available in both 24" and 48" widths. these 8-foot long sheets have a paper backing that allow the wood to bend, flex, and curve without cracking or breaking., at the wood veneer hub, we pride ourselves in using the most sustainable materials available. whether its fsc sourced wood or recycled plastic bottles, our materials guarantee that your panelling not only adds decoration to your project but does so in an environmentally friendly way..

Paper-backed veneers are available with an adhesive option that is often called "peel and stick" backing. the industry term for this bonding layer is pressure sensitive adhesive or psa. veneers with psa backing are exceptionally easy to apply and the only tools required are a razor knife and a veneer scraper.. the pressure sensitive adhesive provides a permanent bond to almost any smooth ...