Paper-toilet-seat-covers-for-travel, gmark portable paper toilet seat covers travel pack (100 count) 10 packs - virgin paper disposable, flushable, biodegrable perfect for use during travel, potty training gm2002a. These 50 disposable toilet seat covers (paper travel biodegradable disposable sanitary) are designed to protect you from germs. they're made from a biodegradable tissue and designed to fit most standard toilet seats. these camping toilet seat covers are ideal to use when traveling and visiting public restrooms., travel size toiletry - featuring pocket-size flush-able and biodegradable paper seat covers, virgin pulp material that are safe on sewer systems. fits standard toilet seat - ideal size for easy application, the seat cover provides large coverage to protect clothes and skin from direct contact germs..

Travel disposable toilet seat covers prepare yourself and your young ones for that away from home moment when you encounter that horrible disgusting toilet. great for travel, gas stations, campgrounds, unclean public toilets.also can be used in work, hotel, office, restaurant, and much more!portable and cleaner & healthier., now the coghlan's® biodegradable travel toilet seat covers (10 pack) is another story: 1) it is made of a sturdier paper that doesn't tear as easily. 2) it is only folded a couple of times so it is easier to unfold and lay on the toilet..

1 flushable wipe in individually sealed package. immediate relief from itching, irritation & burning. with aloe, witch hazel, vera & vitamin e, c, a. organic & natural ingredients.