Park-bench-real-estate, find local deals and events. read local news and business reviews. talk to a local real estate expert. connect with locals in your neighborhood.. has been transforming real estate agents into community leaders since 2013 and is now proud to be the leading solution for real estate agents looking to connect with their communities during this global pandemic. provides real estate agents a community connection during covid-19 - become a local leader, parkbench is a real estate lead generation platform that enables real estate agents to gather referrals and leads by leveraging community connections. to strengthen your community relations, it offers hyper-local neighborhood websites and newsletters where your stakeholders can promote their own businesses. reported pricing is at $3,500 per year..

Claim your local real estate farm area at: let’s get connected: facebook → https://www.facebook.c..., pros parkbench is an excellent, intelligent, balanced product. sales people are bright, organized, disciplined and provided with generous incentives in commissions and opportunities. management is always one communication away with counsel, advice, assistance.. To do so, it invited its real estate agent clients across the country to participate in a contest by doing something good for their communities, documenting it with some pictures and a blurb about..., at parkbench we’ve studied and conducted surveys to determine the types of leads that actually convert into loyal, long-term customers for your real estate business. in this guide we’ll illustrate how parkbench is a more effective marketing model than your standard digital lead generation model..

Let parkbench’s unique marketing system establish you as a business wiz and a giving community leader! brought to you by, a real estate marketing company that helps real estate..., 214 reviews of from toronto, on jessie’s2262 on-board training was clear, focused and allowed is to asked the questions to which she answered in a timely manner respecting our time. she also kept us on track and encouraged me parkbench training is ongoing and responsive. thanks jessie i look forward to meeting you