Roof-melt-ice-snow, a metal roof is great for preventing snow build-up because the sun heats up the metal and causes the snow to slide right off. if you still have snow or ice on your metal roof, there are several different tools you can use to melt the snow like heat cables, calcium chloride, or hot water.. The 60 count, roof melt tablet, designed to prevent damage to roofs from ice dams, made from calcium chloride, easy to use simply toss a roof melt tablet on the roof & let it do the work, no ladders or extension equipment needed, proven reliable & inexpensive products, toss 1 tablet on every sqft of problem area, begins working the hour after applied to problem area, no long term adverse ..., the roofmelt ice melt is designed to eliminate the need to climb onto roofs while melt snow. the tablets help prevent roof damage by melting through ice dams and allowing water to drain safely..

When roof top snow and ice over the heated area of a structure melts, liquid snow melt water drains to the colder roof overhang drip edge. since the overhang is not heated, this snow melt water re-freezes, creating, nvent raychem rim. with more than 40 years of experience and over 1 million feet of rim panels and 1 billion feet of cable installed, our long-term and maintenance-free roof ice melt systems help keep houses and buildings absolutely winter-safe, in the most severe weather conditions, winter after winter..

You say that for $20 we can get 60 tablets. how many tablets are needed to melt the snow and ice off the roof and off the gutters. for example say our house is 40 feet long and 30 feet wide., an ice dam is a solid ridge of ice that forms along the edges of your roof. once this thick ice forms, it prevents melting snow from running off the roof.