Roof-rake-trim-installation, gable trim at eaves . make a 3” mark from the edge on top of the gable trim. make a 1” mark from the edge on top of the gable trim. using t-bevel which was previously locked to the pitch of your roof, mark a line on the drip edge side of the gable up to the 3” mark.. Here we have the concealed fastener rake or gable trim and we'll install this with a continuous cleat. the trick here is to slide the continuous cleat into the hem of the trim piece. put it against the roof and let it stick out by about an inch. make a mark at the crease line and do the same thing towards the peak of the roof., page 160 rake trim lower edge is installed flush with roof steel lower edge. install pieces closest to eave first, then install up rake, working from eave towards peak, with peak underneath previously installed ridge cap. see figure 22-2 figure 22-2: outside corner trim side view.

Rake trim (also known as gable trim) is a metal flashing finishing piece placed along the roofline at the sloped sides at the end of a residence’s dormer or gable. rake trim can be flat with no overhang, or it can overhang the gable end like an eave., rake trim. rake trim rake trim part # length gauge girth weight each ag-250 10'-2" 29 8 3/4" 5.64# ag-251 20'-2" 29 8 3/4" 11.28# shingle rake trim part # length gauge girth weight each.

Roofing terminology may be difficult to understand unless you are a builder or roofer. terms are used to break down the various areas of a roof and a "rake" is one of many roof sections. the rake is not exactly on the roof. it is a term that describes the sloped sides of a gable end., miratec provides the perfect accent to any exterior cladding – cement fiber, vinyl, brick, osb, hardboard, wood or stucco. plus, it’s easy to handle, cut, machine and nail.