Saturn-door-lock-button-stuck, i have a 2006 saturn vue the door locks buttons won't work when i push the button i can hear it making a noise but it - answered by a verified saturn mechanic. Saturn astra 2008 interior door lock button does not work, the key fob works on the truck but nothing else. what is the problem, we have checked the rear fuse box and the fuse is ok., locking your keys inside your saturn doesn't mean you have to call a locksmith. with a little patience and a metal coat hanger, you can unlock your car door..

The drivers door is stuck shut because the door won't unlock, the key lock feels like its not attatched to the latch and the door lock button on the inside feels like it's jammed (won't move) can't get the door panel all the way off because the dash sticks out to far to remove it. any suggestions on getting the door open so i can replace the latch?, one of your door lock inside switches are bad.find the one that doesn't feel right when you push it in either lock or unlock.the internal spring is broke causing the lock relay to keep try to lock or unlock until it gets hot & protects..

97 sl-1 chattering power door locks s-series tech. the driver's side switch now looks like it is pressed inward. the chattering stopped and then started again intermittently (first the front locks, then the rear locks, after pressing the unlock switch again.