Ulnar-gutter-orthosis, an ulnar gutter splint extends from the proximal forearm to distal interphalangeal joints of fingers on the ulnar aspect of fingers wrist and forearm and is applied for various injuries of the ulnar aspect of the wrist and hand. it is also called boxer splint.. The hand based ulnar gutter brace is used to stabilize fractures to the 4th and/or 5th metacarpals or phalanges. this molded orthosis is designed to provide fit and support. the ulnar gutter portion of the hand based ulnar gutter brace allows the caregiver to achieve greater than 70° of flexion at the mcp joints of the 4th and 5th digits., carpal tunnel wrist brace for men and women - day and night therapy support splint for relief of arthritis, wrists, arm, thumb and hand pain - adjustable straps (right hand - large-xl).

The authors found that immobilization in an ulnar gutter orthosis/splint is an acceptable conservative treatment option for fifth metacarpal neck and shaft fractures. level iv. mcnemar, t. b., howell, j. w., & chang, e. (2003). management of metacarpal fractures., splints are generally applied to decrease movement to provide support and comfort through stabilization of an injury. the primary purpose of a splint is as a temporary bridge for nonemergency injuries to bones until definitive casting can be performed by a consultant, such as an orthopedic surgeon..

Andrew tan, otr/l, cht, cktp, ceas 0 comments dupuytren's contracture, intrinsic muscle stretching, orthosis, radial gutter, splint, trigger finger, ulnar gutter orthosis (also called splint) is a device which is commonly used in the treatment for hand injuries. hand therapists utilize thermoplastic splints to 1., an ulnar gutter splint is a flexible splint that is used to support, stabilize and immobilize dislocations and fractures of the hands, fingers or wrists. after an injury to the hands, fingers or wrists, immobilization by splinting or casting is necessary in order to allow the bones and tissues to heal properly..

Splinting common static splints tip protector splint -used for distal finger injuries for protection and support. • dip extension splint -used for distal finger injuries for protection and support -percutaneous pinning at distal finger • dip hyperextension splint -mallet fingers • ulnar/radial gutter splint -used for fractures of the hand, ..., download clinical pearl no. 13, why i dislike ulnar/radial gutter splints!!, april 2011. additional suggested reading. clinical pearl no. 30 - should all orthoses be 2/3 the length of the forearm? clinical pearl no. 26 – use of a relative motion orthosis for regaining pip joint flexion or extension