Ultrasonic-vinyl-cleaning-system, isonic p4875ii+mvr10 motorized ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner is a high tech sophisticated machine that can professionally clean all your vinyl records and lps in a single round. available with a large stainless steel tank, transducers and heaters it can clean up to 10 records (12″ or 10″) with its powerful ultrasonic frequency.. Ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning solutions by cleanervinyl. restore the original glory of your vintage vinyl records. cleanervinyl products are easy to use and clean very effectively. made in the usa, ships from florida with usps priority within one busin, (due to the increased size of the stacks, the minimum tank width needed is 9" instead of the 6" required with the standard kit). while a 6" wide tank is adequate, wider tanks give you extra room to maneuver loading your record stacks on and off the motor spindle..

Complete ultrasonic vinyl cleaning system, which can clean up to 4 records simultaneously. add distill water to require level (5 mm over the last track), heat the water to 35 ℃, set the timer to 8 minutes, then turn the ultrasound on. the record will be cleaned after 8 minutes. add more time, if the record is in really bad condition., ultrasonic vinyl record cleaning system vinyl stack record lp cleaner kit. kirmuss audio’s "in the groove ultimate ultrasonic vinyl restoration system", makes the process of using this technology more affordable.” a record contrary to belief is not a small crevice. ultrasonic cleaner has a solid body and does not tilt..

Okki nokki is a dutch company. mk ii (white) is one of the best vinyl record cleaners in the market. it is a powerful, attractive and full automatic record cleaner., the above information is from the manufacturer. have a question? connect with our audio gurus at 800-328-9973 or 215-862-4870 or send email or use contact can also take advantage of our system matching expertise with a free system consultation..

Ka-rc-1 ultrasonic record restoration system an affordable solution to maintaining and restoring your vinyl collection: globally recognized as the leader with patented technology developed in the usa., kirmuss audio ka-rc-1 ultrasonic vinyl cleaning system [expired] no longer for sale. average: research pricing: easy pay available! introducing an affordable solution to maintaining and restoring your vinyl collection: .... A: you can clean two 33 1/3, one 45, and one 78 at the same time. the spacing between the records is crucial to the process, any larger number of record within the same space reduces the advantage of the ultrasonic that works the surfactant into the record grooves.