Under-counter-sink-installation, lay a two-by-four board across the top of the granite, above the sink opening. line up the sink beneath the sink opening and press it against the stone. insert one end of the clamp through the sink.... Install sink clips to the underside of the counter as needed. set up boards (such as 2- x 4-inch boards) underneath the countertop as a stand for the sink. use a caulk gun to apply a thick bead of caulk around the edge of the countertop. raise the sink so it presses against the underside of the countertop and forms a watertight seal., drill pilot holes and install the sinks with the sink in place, position the mounting clips around the edges of the sink. drill pilot holes, and then secure the clips with the screws provided. use a stopper on the drill bit -- or put a piece of tape around the bit as a guide -- to avoid drilling all the way through the countertop..

After you cut and fit the sink to the countertop, you will need to choose an installation method. suspend the sink underneath the countertop if your countertop is already installed. if it isn’t, flip the countertop over to install the sink face down, quickly making the sink a sophisticated feature of your room. method 1, order of installation it’s very important to install an undermount kitchen sink before the countertop slabs are set down. once the countertop slabs are set down, you usually will not be able to fit the sink through the hole, and you won’t be able to properly seal between the sink and the underside of the countertop..

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Stainless steel and composite sink manufactures provide a system for attaching directly to the underside of the g/q counter top. the system includes 6-8 bolts, clips, and wing nuts. the bolts are inserted into grooves that the fabricator drills or cuts into the back of the counter, spaced evenly around the flange of the sink., place the sink back into the hole in the granite and pull it up into place using a string wrapped through the drain. 10. have another person underneath the countertop to tighten the machine screws into the granite and place the clips under the rim of the sink. 11..

Installation: proper installation and sealing is crucial to prevent leakage and to make sure the sink is properly supported. (a full sink of dishes gets very heavy. you don’t want the sink pulling apart from the underside of your countertop and crashing to the floor.)