Under-sink-grease-trap-residential, online shopping for grease traps - commercial dishwashers & dishwashing equipment from a great selection at industrial & scientific store.. The passive hydromechanical (manual) grease trap is a traditional passive system commonly used in smaller establishments, including homes. they’re smaller, point-of-use units installed beside kitchen dishwashers or used under three compartment sinks. there’re preferred due to their small initial investment and maintenance costs., demonstration of the installation of a bagt grease trap, to be installed under a sink or under a sink for restaurants and catering trades. this sarl sustainable.... A grease trap works by slowing down the flow of warm/hot greasy water and allowing it to cool. as the water cools, the grease and oil separate and float to the top of the grease trap. the cooler water, with less grease, continues to flow down the pipe to the sewer., part of your plumbing, a grease trap or interceptor, is a tank that kitchen wastewater flows through before it moves on to the septic system. just like the name suggests, it intercepts and separates fog (fat, oils, and grease) from the wastewater before they even reach your septic system..

This grease trap features a body made from 11-gauge cold rolled steel with an oven-cured, acid-resistant baked gray epoxy coating. other standard features include a solid steel cover with gasket, a removable baffle assembly, a deep seal trap with cleanout, no hub connections, and an external cast iron flow control fitting (flow restrictor)., a professional grease trap food strainer solution the drain strainer™ is a food solid separator that allows the water from your sinks to filter through its strainer drawer while capturing all the solids that normally clog your grease trap. it also creates an air gap so your commercial sinks are not tied in directly to your grease trap..

The best location for grease trap installation is under the sink, but it can also be installed outside of the house. external grease trap installation is best for homes with several sinks because the drainage pipes can all be connected to the one common pipe and fitted to the grease trap. step 3 – connect the grease trap, viking plastics under sink traps are installed in domestic kitchens inline between the kitchen sink and the sewer. the trap is used to slow the flow of hot greasy water. by slowing water the flow of water the water cools. as the water cools, grease and oil to float to the surface and food particles sink to the bottom of the trap.