Underfloor-heating-and-cooling-manifold, installing underfloor heating and cooling systems from uponor is always the wise choice. you benefit from maximum efficiency in your construction and satisfied customers thanks to pleasant heat distribution and lower heating costs.. Underfloor heating manifolds are used to control the flow of water and provide an even distribution of warmth in underfloor heating systems. the “do’s and don’ts” of installing underfloor heating.. when choosing a location for the manifold, think of the design carefully., most underfloor heating systems are controlled by the different circuits or zones running from the manifold, fitted with a zone valve and thermostat. when an individual area reaches the required temperature, the flow to that area is cut. with cooling, the controls are more complex..

Underfloor cooling. thermo-floor underfloor heating systems provide cost effective and energy efficient heating during the winter months but they can also be used to provide underfloor cooling in the summer months., underfloor cooling. our range of products also allows us to provide underfloor cooling all year round if required (for warmer climates) and we can also provide simultaneous underfloor heating and cooling – so one room heating and another room cooling at the same time from the same manifold..

Underfloor heating and cooling manifold . high energy efficiency . due to long heat exchangers. high sensitive pm valve* with patent-protected sealing technology: • stable domestic hot water temperatures • quick reaction • special coating and the sealing technology guarantee ., if you are looking for a new underfloor heating solution we can provide the ideal system for you. uponor uk offer a wide range of tailored wet and electric underfloor heating systems to suit the varied requirements of residential and commercial buildings, as well as new build and renovation projects.. Underfloor heating and cooling is a form of central heating and cooling which achieves indoor climate control for thermal comfort using conduction, radiation and convection.the terms radiant heating and radiant cooling are commonly used to describe this approach because radiation is responsible for a significant portion of the resulting thermal comfort but this usage is technically correct ...