Underfloor-heating-floor-sensor-resistance, to ensure that your floor heating system will function properly, always test the resistance of your wires with a digital multimeter set to 200 ohms before, during and after installation.. It is important to test your electric underfloor heating three times; before you start the installation, after you’ve finished laying the system and again after you’ve laid the floor finish. this ensures that any damage caused to the heating cable during installation is detected and can be dealt with. there are 2 tests to perform – […], 3 meter floor temperature sensor probe for underfloor heating thermostat features works with a wide range of different thermostats. please check the resistance values of your current sensor against the table.

Every comfortzone electric underfloor heating thermostat should be set up with a floor temperature sensor probe to monitor the temperature of your floor., to test your underfloor heating you will need a multi-meter with a range from 0-20k ohms for testing. the resistance of each heater should be tested to establish if you have a circuit.. Hi, i'm glad i found this web site. some of the information on other posts has been really helpful thanks. i'm installing underfloor heating wires on warmup insulation boards. tiling with 30 x 60 porcelain tiles directly on top., replacement floor temperature sensor suitable for a wide range of underfloor heating thermostats. works with a wide range of different thermostatsplease check the resistance values of your current sensor against the table below for compatibility 3 metre long cable cable has high rigidity, allowing it to be easily passed through existing flexible conduit suitable for use in wet areas. ip68 ....

Electric underfloor heating is suitable for all types of rooms and can easily be installed. floor heating-direct supplies a wide range of products that will allow you to successfully install electric underfloor heating in every room.