Underfloor-heating-for-existing-concrete-floor, water underfloor heating over existing floors we sell 3 different types of overfloor panels. our overfloor systems can be installed directly over any solid subfloor such as existing floorboards, plywood or concrete/screed floors, or any solid surface such as existing tiles/wooden floors.. Electric systems. if you are installing a concrete floor as part of a new-build project, our inslab cable system is an ideal electric floor heater choice. it is installed directly within a 2″-4″ layer of concrete and its slower heat-up and cool down times make it perfect for rooms in constant use., how to add floor heating over existing concrete. you can step onto a warm and inviting floor, even one built on a concrete slab, by adding in-floor heating. while hot-water and air-based radiant ....

What is the best solution for an existing concrete floor that requires water underfloor heating? many companies suggest overlay boards, but below system is much better as the performance of the wet underfloor heating is much better than any overlay system; a thin superfoil insulation can be used below the mesh., wet underfloor heating for existing concrete floor. wet underfloor heating. my house has an extension, about 10sqm, constructed in 1990. it has a concrete, tiled floor (of unknown composition - i can only assume there is some insulation there and a screed layer)..

Process of installing underfloor heating on a solid floor. in the following guide we look at installing a wet underfloor heating system, although you can install electric ‘dry’ systems., there are several manufacturers of electric radiant floor heating systems that can be placed directly on top of an existing concrete slab. some look like wire fencing that you roll out over the floor.. A frequently asked question is whether it is possible to refit underfloor heating to an existing floor. the terms ‘refit’ and ‘retrofit’ get often confused and in most cases, people mean retrofitting., 10 is the original low profile retrofit underfloor heating system. it’s ideal for installing underfloor heating in an existing house, or over an existing concrete floor. developed to make underfloor heating accessible for renovations, lopro 10 is: