Underlayment-for-glue-down-hardwood-floors, cork underlayment: most engineered flooring can be glued down or floated over properly installed cork underlayment (used for sound absorption). however, as with some foam underlayment, you may need to install a moisture barrier under the cork, if applicable.. If you choose to glue down your engineered hardwood flooring using a cork underlayment underneath you would need to glue the cork down securely to the subfloor and then you can glue the hardwood directly on top of that cork. laminate flooring with underlayment attached, your choice in underlay performs a few unglamorous, yet extremely important functions after you’ve laid down your solid hardwood floor, bamboo floors, engineered wood floor, or laminate floor. here are the 5 reasons you need underlay for your wood floor installation. jasper engineered hardwood – baltic oak collection / sku: 15001759.

An underlayment is a necessity for any wood floor installation even on a plywood subfloor. the warranty may require it. the underlayment provides many benefits, including moisture protection, sound and thermal insulation and a cushion to make the floor more comfortable to walk on., foam is the most basic laminate flooring underlay. the foam is 3mm (1/8”) to 6mm (1/4”) thick and comes in rolls of various widths and lengths..

Once you have decided to use the glue down floor method, make sure that you leave a large enough expansion gap, depending on the hardwood product you chose, from the wall to allow the wood to contract and expand. the adhesive is spread on an area of the subfloor where the boards are going to be adhered to using a specialized trowel., caran baxter november 8, 2016 at 10:04 am. hello, thanks for your question. there are a couple ways to with this install depending on the type of bamboo. if the material is solid and either vertical or horizontal, then i would recommend nailing it provided the subfloor meets all the proper specifications.