best gaming console 2019


Can you imagine your life without a game? The only routine that you have is only running between school or office work and house chores. Fortunately, the game console creator understands our needs. There is so many game console that you can choose depending on your gaming needs. Every single game console has its plus and minus point. But hey! Nobody is perfect. In this article, we will talk about the best gaming console 2019 to help you decide which complete game console to cheer up your day.

Best Mobile Game Console

Chained in one place by wire to play your favourite game is not fun and play alone is not fun. Nintendo Switch gaming system will give you total fun by serving a game console that you can bring everywhere and play it solo or with friends. Nintendo combines a tablet, a GameBoy and a home console in one. If you want to play with a bigger screen resolution, you can dock it on your TV and enjoy HD gaming.  Nintendo made an innovation where the console has disassembled controller with a split-screen option. For the cost, Nintendo Switch also considered a low-cost gaming console. You can bring it home at $299 only. The favorite part of this console is the first party lineup and the ability to play some good old game in the multiplayer mode such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Although this console is good enough for both portable and dock mode, Nintendo Switch monitor is not the best console gaming monitor. The most game has better resolution and fps if we play on dock mode with HDTV.

Best Graphics Game Console

As a fan of the legendary Xbox gaming console, the Xbox One X is a blessing to gamers around the world. This current version of Xbox has enhanced their sense of realism with their most potent display. Running on 12GB GDDR5 RAM, this console can serve 4K HD Graphics at 60 frames per second and make this game console as the best 4K console game. The better cooling system is also appearing in this Xbox version since the machine will work harder to serve you better display. If you have your favorite games on the older version of Xbox, you don’t need to be worry because all of those games are compatible with Xbox One X. You can also play those good old games in Full HD display. Different from another game console which makes an annoying sound while working, this game console is also super quiet while running. For movies lover, this device also supports the Blue-ray drive. For the price, this game console is harder on your wallet. At first, released, it’ll cost you around $500, but If you’re lucky enough, you can find it for just $300 on sale for the console, one controller and the cables. 

Best Family Game Console

Talking about the kid-friendly game console, you can count the Nintendo Wii U in. Most games in this console has E rating for Everyone and contain no harms, just pure fun. Nintendo Wii U has gaming screen in gamepad form so there will be no war between parents who want to watch their favorite soap opera and kids who fall in love with their new game console. This console supports a multiplayer game that you can play up to 4 players for several local games such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D. Another plus point is you don’t need to buy another remote controller if you already have an older version of Wii remote controllers such as Nunchuck controller, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro and Wii Balance Board. They will be compatible to Wii U just fine. All of those bundles of fun only cost $489 for a brand new one and $218 if you want to buy second hand Wii U console. Best buy game console for your lovely family.

Best Handheld Game Console

From all of those game console that we’ve already talked about, there must be another question about which handheld game console is the best? And the answer is… Nintendo 3DS XL. Like its ancestor, Gameboy in 1989, Nintendo 3DS CL released with the dual-screen so you can play your favorite game in Nintendo DS but with better 3D pictures. Another good point of this handheld game console is face tracking, and Wi-Fi-enabled system so you can play it online and multiplayer with another Nintendo 3DS owner.

Best Deal Game Console

Another game console from Nintendo is here! Xbox One S All-Digital is claimed as the best value game console, defeating its brother Xbox One S. The price is a little bit hard for your wallet, but we think it’s OK if you save up a little bit for this game console. You will need $213 to make it yours included download codes for Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3 and Sea of Thieves game. Running in 8-core Jaguar processor with 1.75GHz and 8GB of DDR3 RAM, this game console is worth to buy. The only minus point from this game console is there is no Blu-ray drive attached on its body. So how can you get the game if there’s no drive? Yes, all-digital version requires you to download the games that you want and store them in 1TB hard disk. The disc-less thing here is a massive step of Nintendo in inventing game console. Since it is all digital version, you can bring all the games and saves travel with you. You need to sign in on any Xbox One with your account, and you can enjoy the fun.

Most Popular Game Console

However, it is so hard to beat the power of Playstation. In 2019, the Playstation 4 Pro Console counted as the most popular game console. As the best selling video game consoles 2019 and already sold 64 million pieces worldwide, the Playstation 4 pro brings some update and more power to the game console world. With 4k high definition gaming and video streaming and a library that can save up to 1.648 games, this game console is worth to buy. The system also included several multimedia functions such as Blu-ray discs and streaming TV, music and downloadable games on Playstation store. You are also able to play it online and multiplayer. No more questions, this device is the best game console of all the time. All of those magic only cost you around $400. What a good deal, right?