camera lenses for beginners

Guide to find the best camera lenses for beginners

Which one of the camera lenses for beginners that suit with you? As a beginner, you will meet with many camera lenses out there and it has improved features that will make your photography result look professional.

How to choose the right camera lenses?

Buying camera lenses can be not as easy as it looks like. Before you buy a camera DSLR you need to think about several factors to choose the right camera. Here are digital SLR camera lenses guide below will help you to find the best camera lenses for your DSLR.

  • The focal length of the camera. The focal length is an important consideration as this will allow you to change the capture whether it will be narrow or wide-angle of view and type of picture that you can take. The wide-angle lenses that have focal length form 14-35mm are ideal for landscape shooting and work in tight spaces. In the other side, the telephoto lenses that range from 70-200mm is popular for wedding, sports and wildlife capture.
  • Compatibility. The DSLR camera has very specific technologies that make it may difficult to alternate between manufacturers. For example, Nikon camera lens unable to mount in Canon camera. The most important thing when buy lens is considering the compatibility with your existing camera.
  • The price. The next thing that you need to consider when you buy camera lenses is the price. This is important to meet your camera lenses feature with your budget. If photography is your hobby, then it can cost you a lot. Once you buy a DSLR camera, you still need to buy the other tools include a camera bag, lens and perhaps need a tripod. When buy lens, you may need to make a compromise on features to get ideal lenses for your camera lenses. However, you can find the solid lens option that starts from $100.

Best camera lenses for digital DSLR camera

There are many digital SLR camera lenses that you can find in the market. Which one best digital SLR camera lenses that you can buy to match with your requirements and personality and best for a beginner?  

  • Sigma 10-20mm f/3.5 EX DC HSM. This is camera lenses that come as a Best ultra-wide-angle lens. Sigma has become one of regarded top lens manufacturer in this industry. This brand has trusted with their sturdy and dependable lenses that used for wide purposes, and this lens is the same with. It has focal range 10-20mm, precision setting, quick focus, and build in sturdy. This lens is able to attach to Sony DSLR camera, Nikon, Canon, and Pentax.
  • Next option is prime canon digital SLR camera lenses, Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lenses. For those who need affordable and versatile prime lens from Canon, you can bet with this lens. This camera lens comes with ideal features for portrait into night time photography.
  • If you already have Nikon camera, then you might consider for this best Nikon SLR camera lenses prime lens: Nikon AF-S FX Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens with autofocus. This is Nikon camera lenses that come with an affordable prime lens that can be used as a portrait into action photography. It delivers sharp and detail image even when shooting in low light. This is a fast and compact option for DSLR photographer in beginner and intermediate. However, keep in your mind that this lens has minimum distance focus at 1.48 feet that make you unable to get close with your object. Therefore, you will need a macro lens.

·        Next is Sony digital SLR camera lenses as another alternative to buying, Sony FE 16mm f/2.8 G Master. It gives you full-frame wide-angle zoom features that deliver top zoom quality.

How to pick lenses for your mirrorless camera

When you buy mirrorless cameras, there is an equal question on the other side, what Mirrorless Camera Lenses that you need for this camera? The lens will play a key role in how your image of photo and videos will look and what kind of shoot that you can do with your camera.

  • What you most shoot. The lens you need to buy depends on what you will shoot. The wide focal range zoom is the best bet for a most versatile photographer, include beginner.
  • Prime VS zoom. Zoom will make you easier for framing subjects without a move.
  • Autofocus. Autofocus will help you to fast focus to capture the image.
  • Stabilization. The stabilization reduces the movement.

How to choose the best lenses for your mirrorless camera? If you have Canon mirrorless camera you can find that there are some of the best lenses for Canon mirrorless cameras available to put.

Looking for best lenses for Sony mirrorless camerasthat will result in you stunning photo and videos?

  • Sony FE 24mm/f1.4 GM. This a great camera lenses for the full Alpha camera. This lens gives you excellent quality of beauty image and clarity. This lens advanced with 4 keys criteria
  • Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GM. This is camera lenses that you wish for portrait and more besides. It has stunning lenses and great optic.
  • Sony FE 135mm f/1.8 GM. This is the newest stunning camera lenses for Sony that still pricey but it delivers you prime portrait result.

Match your lenses with Mirrorless camera

If you have Nikon lenses and want to buy a mirrorless camera, then what is the best mirrorless camera for Nikon lenses that you can match? You can go with Nikon mirrorless camera as most of older lenses from Nikon are compatible with a recent camera from Nikon. However, you may need to mount adapter to meet with the specified camera.

Have an idea to match your vintage lenses with a mirrorless camera? Old lenses have elusive quality for capture image that creates unique styles. You can bet best mirrorless camera for vintage lenses such as Leica M, Sony E/FE, Canon EF, and Nikon G. To connect these vintage lenses you will need to use an adapter.

There are no single camera lenses that will work and fit for everyone as each person has their own needs. Therefore, before you pick the one that you think it is perfect for you, narrow down to your requirements of photography and make a list from it based on the camera lenses for beginner guide beyond to find the perfect one for you.

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