digital slr camera lenses guide


For a beginner, digital SLR camera lenses guide is so important to read since the camera lens is an essential part of a camera, especially interchangeable lens camera like DSLR. DSLR Camera allows you to change your lens depending on your needs. Choosing the camera lenses for beginners is also another problem to solve. The question is, how to know which lens is the lens that you need? With so many options out there, let’s follow this digital SLR camera lenses guide to narrowing down the possibilities.

Determine your brand and specifications

First of all, you have to know exactly what brand your camera is. It already throws away another option that came from another brand. Different camera and lens have incompatible lens mounts, which will be such a waste if you try to compel it. After that, you’d better consider a few points below:

·      Focal Length

The focal length is the distance from the centre lens to the sensor when a subject is in focus. You will get full shot if the number is low and vice versa. If you want to take more wide view pictures, then we suggest you consider wide-angle focal length lenses such as 14 mm, 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm. But if you want to take a closer look picture, then the telephoto lens will be the right choice for you.

·      Aperture

Aperture determines how much light can enter your camera. Smaller the number means that its opening is more full than the opposite so you can take a better picture with low light.

·      Camera sensor compatibility

The sensor is essential since it is the part that will record the image when you press the shutter. The clearer and realistic picture will be taken if the sensor in the camera is more significant. In an example, the sensor in DSLR is bigger than another point and shoot camera. That is why the image is also better. You will need to know if your sensors are CCD (Charged-couple Device) or CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) first because not all lens can be compatible with both sensors.

Considering your needs and interest

Choosing between a prime lens and the zoom lens is also essential. For those who prefer more brightness and take wide-angle pictures like scenery or fast-moving object, you’d better choose the prime lens. But, if most of the image that you make is a close-range object like flower or insect, the zoom lens is for you, 

Also, do not forget about the money

This is the most important thing. The price will narrow your choice into half since the money never grows on trees. Buying a lens is an excellent infestation. Consider to save up more so you can bring a better camera home. So you don’t need to repurchase a similar lens. Money is the thing that you have to think so hard about besides the digital SLR camera lenses guide above.

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