sony a7r iv price

The Camera for The Professionals

Are you a professional who needs a really pro camera to shot the product of your clients? If your answer is yes, then this camera that will be talked about might be perfect for you. You will definitely love this camera after you read the features, even though the price is really expensive, this camera will make you and your clients satisfied because of its results.

When we are talking about a camera, a product from Sony can be a choice for you if you want to have one. One of the types that Sony has is Sony Alpha 7R IV Preis, it is the world’s first full-frame mirrorless camera that has lense with 61 MP. Another features that this camera has are no optical low-pass (anti-aliasing) filter, ISO 100-32000, five-axis sensor-shift image stabilization, three tilting screen, 5760K dot electronic viewfinder, 10 fps continuous shooting, and 4K- 3840 x 2160 video resolution. The weight of this camera is 665 grams with the size 129 X 96 X 78 mm. You might be curious about the pros of this camera that has good features.

What is Plus and Minus Sony Alpha 7R IV Preis ?

So, here are some pros that you need to know about this Sony Alpha 7R IV Preis

  1. It is such a small camera that has a lot of good features

  2. Having two slots and both of them supports UHS-II 

  3. It has its own analogue-to digital converter

  4. Speed and has the best autofocus powers 

  5. It can achieve 15 stops of dynamic range 

After talking about the pros, you better know the cons also so you can consider it before you buy. Here are some cons with this camera : 

  1. The lack of the screen articulation

  2. It is actually more proper to shoot products than the landscape

  3. You can not process all raw files in this camera

  4. There is no lower resolution for the raw files 

Actually, Sony Alpha 7R IV Preis is not really a camera to use daily because the price is really expensive which is around $3,500, but if you are a commercial photographer who needs the flexibility of cropping studio shoots, then this is the perfect camera. Or maybe you are such a person who craves for the really nice results or make a living from it, this camera then proper for you. Overall, this camera is most proper for the professionals because of its features and its price. If you just want to have a camera to make memories and take some good landscape pictures, this is not the one, you better find another.

This camera is more proper for someone who has a profession that needs the details of the products. Even though the price is really expensive, but this camera really worth the results for the professionals. It also has the perfect size indoor because of its size, so that is another reason why it is more proper to use this camera in the studio, not the outdoors. 

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