best deals on smartphones 2019

3 Best Deals on Smartphones 2019

Well-known, huge cell phone companies are being competitive in offering their best deals on smartphones 2019. If you aim to purchase a brand-new smartphone, you might want to take a look at the list below. A glance review and research most probably will save you from regret buying an inappropriate gadget.

It is not a secret that Samsung has been very serious in developing their products. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Samsung introduced its Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to public. So far by now, it marks the best cell phone to buy.

It holds several features that makes it labeled the best smartphone on earth. Display and design have been Samsung plus points. It holds gorgeous 6.4-inch super AMOLED screen. But what has successfully won people’s attention is actually its infinity-O display that puts the camera in the top right corner of the phone. Yes, it does facilitate your selfie activities well. It also offers you up to 1.5TB storage.

However, to experience the luxuries, you have to pay quite high. It can cost up to $ 800. Additionally, even though Samsung has set the largest battery life on Galaxy S10 Plus to 4,100mAh, it is still not the best battery life that you can have with great screen display as such. 

You can see how competitive the smartphone industry is by looking at Huawei P30 Pro. Lots of review has put this phone side-by-side with Samsung as best deals on smartphones 2019. Even though the company is not as giant as its rival, Huawei seems to start stealing people’s hearts.

This P30 Pro series marks Huawei’s success in the industry. It is a powerful smartphone with great features inside. Its quad-lens rear camera is a great plus point feature. With 6.47-inch screen size, the display even becomes more interesting. It is the perfect smartphone for photography junkies.

The same pricing issue comes up with this hi-tech smartphone. It costs you around $ 750, still lower than Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Furthermore, this smartphone doesn’t have high resolution, either. 

If you feel unwillingly pay for some well-known brands’ name, this OnePlus 7 Pro is the answer. It has 16MP pop-up front camera that can lure you in. Its triple-lens rear camera also works great in proper light.

OnePlus 7 Pro has the best screen among other smartphones. Its 6.67-inch screen stretches from edge to edge. It gives a more fluid movement towards your fingers as well. Samsung seems to have a serious rival right now. However, this screen size is also a boomerang for OnePlus 7 Pro as it is not user-friendly for smaller hands people. 

So, have you taken your decision? Which one is going to worth your money? Somehow, these best deals on smartphones 2019 only work once you can identify the needs and urgency towards your phone.