best mirrorless camera for nikon lenses

3 Products of the Best Mirrorless Camera for Nikon Lenses

What is the best mirrorless camera for Nikon lenses? There are many cases when you have lenses in certain brands; meanwhile, the camera is no longer used. Well, you can buy a new camera for sure. However, it means that your old lenses will be useless. Moreover, it is if those lenses are still in good condition. So, what is the solution? Interestingly, there are some cameras that work using lenses for Nikon. Of course, it means you can combine both and use them to capture your special moments. What are those cameras? Here they are.

The first mirrorless camera to match with Nikon lenses is from Fuji. There are some series you can actually use. But out of them, the most recommended one is Fujifilm GFX 50R. This series indeed has some similar features to some products from Nikon. Meanwhile, it also works very well with format medium sensor and resolution of 51.4 MP. Together with Nikon lenses, not only are they compatible with each other the results of photography is also incredible. Fujifilm GX50R itself is known for its camera lenses for beginners. If you are not experienced enough with mirrorless camera, enjoy great pictures and videos quality with it.

The next product known as the best mirrorless camera for Nikon lenses is Sony Alpha A7III. The product features Exmor R CMOS and a resolution of 24.2MP. It also has the type of XGA OLED monitor with more than 2 million spots. This way, the camera is good enough to be used together with Nikon lenses. Some other pros of this product are the sophisticated AF system applied as well as the video 4K feature. Many people just love to use it for its easiness whether they are still beginners or have been professional.

The next product good for your Nikon lenses is still from Sony. It is Sony A6000 that is also demanded a lot for its stunning AF feature. Another benefit is the application of C-AF that enables you to do some continuous captures. The monitor has a slope level of 3 inches with more than 900 thousand spots. This camera is also recommended for beginners. Sure, it doesn’t matter for the professional photographers to use it also. Unfortunately, this product still doesn’t have any touchscreen monitor and 4K video. It fits well with lenses from Nikon. That’s why; it is known as the best mirrorless camera for Nikon lenses.

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