best cpu air cooler for the money

5 Best CPU Air Cooler for the Money to Buy

Are you looking for the best CPU air cooler for the money can buy? This device is needed the most especially if you are a kind of person that regularly uses a computer for hours a day. This device will help you to increase the longevity and performance of your computer by keeping it at a low temperature. Here are 5 recommended CPU coolers that should be on your radar this year.

The first air cooler product for CPU in the list is Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU RGB. This device comes with an all-black elegant look made of a sleek gun-metal which is brushed with brushed aluminum. This black edition of Cooler Master Hyper also comes with more improved performance than its previous series. Additionally, the easy installation of the product makes it one of the people’s favorites in the market.

Corsair H100i Pro is another best CPU air cooler in the list. The powerful and unique fans applied in the device help it to boast impressive cooling performance. Additionally, the technology used in the cooler system makes it possible for you to control the fans simply using iCue software. One of the best things about using this Corsair H100i Pro is that the product is completely customizable and easy to install.

This is another best CPU air cooler for the money you can get at the market now. If you often get annoyed by a noisy cooler CPU, this Noctua NH-D15 can be one of the best choices you can take. The CPU cooler does not only come with a quite whispered-fan but also delivers a fantastic cooling performance. By using the product, you will also be able to get a six-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Having a small budget doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a CPU air cooler with impressive performance. This Hydro Series H5 SF from Corsair is one of the best low-profile CPU air coolers you can find in the market. The design of the product will make it possible for you to keep your CPU chilled even if you only have a small case for it. The product also comes with a guaranteed leak-free tubing to increase the performance.

This NH-L9 is another CPU air cooler from Noctua. The product comes with an ultra-compact design to boost its performance. With only 92mm-fan, this best CPU air cooler for the money will be perfect the most for a smaller build.

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