Best budget laptop in 2019

Best budget laptop in 2019

Before you find or buy a laptop with the best budget, there are many things to consider. Besides that, the best budget you have to know the specification you need. Best budget laptop 2019 generally is priced below $600 on the market. 

How to find a cheap budget for laptop: The first step, you must determine system operation that you prefer, such as windows, chrome or Mac. The price of windows starts to $150. Size will correspond with a function and price. For 11 or 14 inch, have a low price. Prepare your money around $150-250, you can buy a chrome books and if you have more, you can buy the laptop with specification recommendations like Intel Core i5, RAM 4 till 8GB and 500GB for hard drive. You only need $350-600. 

Specification of laptop is the most important, the best budget laptop 2019 provides the Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, SSD, and full display around HD/1080. Make sure the battery life. Do not choose a cheap best budget with low quality, it will bother you. 

The specification has been changed based on type of laptop you buy. The laptop design is thin and wonderful. The new trend technology for a laptop has USB C and Thunderbolt 3.

This laptop has specification such as Intel Pentium gold, 8GB RAM and 128GB. The wonderful thing is battery life can be still 9 hours without plugged power. This type is also included a multi tasking USB C and you can use as laptop, table or studio mode. The price is around $528.88.

This laptop has thin design and affordable. It combines features such as durability, spill and drop. Samsung Chromebook has Intel Celeron processor with 44GB for RAM. The display screen is 1366 x768 pixels. 

The price divides into two for Intel Celeron, 4GB of RAM and 16GB has a price around $142.99 while Intel Celeron, 4GB of RAM and 64GB has price $216.33. The Samsung Chromebook 3 has black color with the size 11,6 inch or 1366 x 768. 

If you find a best budget laptop 2019, this is a best choice. ASUS Vivobook F510UA has lightweight 15.6. the specification is Intel core i5-7200U with 8GB. Special for this laptop the price based on the styles. The styles are FHD, Core i5 and 1TB HDD has a price $367.50 till $698.00. Now, choose the best budget laptop 2019 you want.