best budget apple laptop

Best budget of macbook apple laptop

Macbook has various models such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook 12 inches. For the low price of the apple laptop model is the oldest version 2017 MacBook air with $999. The new version is completed with an integrated touch ID and has a price $1.199. Best budget apple laptop will variety based on the model and specification. So, what the model of apple laptop, do you want to buy?

This is one of the best sellers of apple laptop in 2019. The screen of this laptop is small, thin and easy to bring everywhere. This laptop is completed with a single Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port. It means you cannot plug a wired of mouse and power together. 

This type will make you surprised because this is a new version for dual core Kaby lake intel processor. Macbook duel has a price $700 for 12 inches. The best choices when you get the best budge apple laptop for this model. 

Apple finally launched Macbook pro after launching Macbook. Of course, this laptop has a powerful specification than before. Apple added a touch bar in 13 and 15 inches macbook pro so that you can touch a screen without press function keys. Touch bar also has function to navigate software and MacOs. 

The resolution of this screen 2.560x 1.800, beside that this model has specification such as wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, battery life in 10 hours and webcam 720p. If you want to buy laptop apple macbook pro type without touch bar, you will pay $1.069 and macbook apple pro with touch bar starts $1.999.

The advantages of this model include webcam 480p, wireless, Bluetooth 4.2 and battery 41.1WHr. This model has 2.304x 1.440 resolution of display screen. The price starts from $1.299 with the storage 256GB and system memory 8GB. You can buy Intel’s core i5-7Y54, *GB of memory and 512GB of storage for $1.599.

The first launched macbook air in the middle 2017. The price determined by default configuration.  The first Intel Core i5-5350U then upgrade becomes Intel core i7-5650U chip. The memory of the laptop is 8GB with 128GB storage becomes 256GB and 512GB SSD. 

This model has 13.3 with 1.440 x900 screen display resolution. The new version of MacBook air has a technology true tone, touch ID and trackpad force touch. You can buy this one because it has the best budget apple laptop.