best console gaming monitor

Best Console Gaming Monitor You Won’t Regret Purchasing

Best console gaming monitor is like apple to a pie for most gamers. It takes gaming to a further level. The atmosphere it brings creates a whole new experience for gamers while pressing the joystick’s button. The game they are playing becomes more real right in front of their eyes.

Why Choosing Gaming Monitor Over Television?

Some people pick television over gaming monitor to accompany them playing. Its functionality and effectivity as well mostly stand as major reasons. You want to have your console game running? A television can accommodate you good enough.

However, have you ever self-questioned if you deserve a better gaming device with you? Let’s say you have the best gaming console 2019 with you. Wouldn’t it be fancy to complete it with best console gaming monitor?

There are several great reasons why gaming monitor will suit you the best. First, it provides better display. Gaming monitor will make your games pop as it has better color saturation, darker blacks and preset color modes for specific games.

Second, it offers you a faster response time. For professional gamers, slight delay from the button pressing to the appearance on the screen is obviously disturbing. Good gaming monitor won’t let you experience the delay.

The last thing deals with pricing and spacing. A console gaming monitor is cheaper than an HDTV. It also takes less space at your home. If you don’t have a wide enough room, gaming monitor is the real solution.

Top 3 Console Gaming Monitor in 2019

If you are interested in purchasing a console gaming monitor, here are top 3 console gaming monitor you can rely on.


This 1080p monitor offers you real professional gamers features, such as RTS mode that provides you best display and time response. It also has Black eQualizer technology that will lighten dark areas without washing out grey and black colors. Furthermore, 2 HDMI inputs in the monitor will satisfy you well enough.

This monitor uses IPS panel as one of its winning features. It enables you to sit in any angles yet seeing the same fabulous picture on the display. However, it is not recommended for a professional gamer as it has a 5ms response time.

It seems that Asus put safety in the first place through this monitor. Its Eye Care technology downgrades blue light to reduce eye strain. The ergonomic position it has also allows you to freely adjust the monitor to your best and comfortable position. This monitor has 1ms response time.

Before deciding what to purchase, make sure you recheck your budgeting. Don’t forget to explore all features the monitor offers you as well. Best console gaming monitor can only be taken home by smart buyers.