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Best Video Game Console of 2019

Lots of people are seeking for best video game console. However, there is no exact and easy answer to satisfy them. The difference of preferences will end up to different answers. Some people need a console that play high definition game. Meanwhile, some other probably just want to have a console that can be brought anywhere. This page will show you best gaming console 2019 that hopefully can add up your preferences.

From the very first time Nintendo Switch is being published, mobility stands as their superior feature. Nintendo introduces this console as a mobile gaming system that can be played at home as well as able to be carried around. That way, gamers are welcomed to play games wherever they go.

Mario Kart 8, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Mario Odyssey are ready to tease gamers to purchase this console. Price of The Switch which relatively costs you lower than other consoles can be a point in your consideration of taking it home with you.

If you are searching for the best display on your screen, then Xbox One X is the exact answer. It offers you the most powerful display compared to all best video game console. This console will bring you high sense of realism through its games.

Containing six trillion floating point operations per second with 326GB/s and having 12GB GDDR5 RAM, Xbox One X becomes the most graphical game console of the year. Playing Call of Duty: WWII will let you experience detail in the game. Flowing hair, rays of the sun, even the clothing fiber are seen in very detail ways.

All games set out by Xbox One will be compatible to be played in Xbox One X. You can play all of them in full HD display. The good news is Microsoft plans to put Original Xbox and Xbox 360 compatibility to Xbox One X’s system.

Having been sold to around 64 million worldwide, no wonder PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB becomes the most popular console of the year. It undoubtedly has been a joyful success for Sony. This fact makes PlayStation 4 king of all console generation.

This console has beautiful 4K graphics. However, you need to firstly make sure your device supports this console. You need at least 1080p gaming monitor or television to play PlayStation 4 games.

All in all, certain console is produced to satisfy certain user preference. All you have to do is picking up the one that suits your need the most. Purchasing best video game console indeed take some time for the consideration!