garmin edge 830 review

Garmin edge 830 review

Do you like to go on your bike and cycling around? If so you better be having a device that could help you in catering your cycling needs, such as smartwatch or smart GPS. Talking about that kind of devices there is smart computer GPS that is perfect for cyclists. This device comes from Garmin Computer series. Furthermore, this device is called Garmin Edge 380 and it offers a lot of great features that will be really helpful for fellow cyclists. Therefore, this article will discuss about Garmin edge 380 review. Without further a due, here is the review:

The Pros of Garmin edge 380 :

Touch Screen Works Well 

The first thing that will be discussed in this Garmin edge 380 review is that the touchscreen of this device is working well. Because this device is equipped with touchscreen the data set up is easier than the device with button. Furthermore, the touchscreen will ease you to find information through this device because you just need to swipe the screen rather than click on buttons. 

Good size 

The next thing that will be talked about in this Garmin edge 380 review is its size. This Garmin edge 380 has a good size. Therefore, it is easier to divide  the clutter of information that you have on your screen. It is also will be easier for you to organize all of the information that you need to hand on one screen. Furthermore, this device has a relatively small measurement, so it will not take much of the space when you are using it. 

Good screen 

The next thing that will be discussed in this Garmin edge 380 review is the screen. This device has good screen where you could see your direction clearly through your screen device. 

Improved battery life 

The last but not least this Garmin edge 380 review will discuss about this device battery life. This Garmin 830 pro offers longer battery life compared to the previous Garmin series. The prior device has 15 hour battery life but now the new one has improved it becomes 20 hours. It is perfect for you guys who like to cycling around and forget to charge your device before you go on your cycling routine.

The Cons of Garmin Edge 830 :

Software isn’t Faultless Still 

Unfortunately, despite it pros, this device also has it cons. One of them is regarding its software. This Garmin Edge 830 software is still faultless. Even though, the software is already improved, doesn’t mean that it will be faultless. Some customers report that several times of braking set of its incident detection system and the press here to stop part of the screen is not responsive. It signals that there is still an issue on its software that needs to be fixed. 

All in all, through this Garmin edge 380 review, it could be concluded that this device has some pros such as it has good size, good screen, great touch screen and longer battery life. However, this device also has its cons which the software isn’t faultless. Even though the software is improved, the customers still found some issues in it like the press here to stop section that sometime is not responsive. 

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