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Here Are Some of the Best i7 Laptops in 2019

Do you intend to buy a new laptop? If so, then consider buying the latest i7 laptops. If you ask why because many factors are used as reasons for that. For example, for multitasking or running heavy applications.

Besides that, if you have bought an i7 laptops, then you don’t need to bother to keep changing every year to buy a new laptop right? Because when you have bought the i7 laptops, eating dominance seems to be in your grasp. Here are some of the best laptop brands 2019 that we recommend.

The best laptop brand which produces i7 laptops

Almost all laptop brands have produced their own laptops with i7 processors. However, here we will not discuss everything. Here are some recommendations for laptop brands that we provide:

As one of the leading laptop manufacturers in the world, Lenovo is present as a laptop manufacturer that is famous for competitive and affordable prices and is also known to have good durability in its batteries so that it is not easy to damage the components on this one. Some Lenovo i7 laptop products include:

This laptop is certainly equipped with an i7 processor and has a clock speed of up to 3.50 GHz. So, this i7 laptop is very reliable for needs like gaming, multimedia, or office. The RAM is quite large, which is 8GB DDR3.

This laptop is a bit of a premium impression because the outside material is made of aluminum material. The i7 processor is supported with 4 GB of DDR4 RAM. As a complement, the AMD Radeon R7 M460 2GB VGA makes it very responsive in gaming affairs.

Acer is a laptop brand that is famous for its product designs that always have a futuristic concept, thus making its products look good than others. Some of the Acer i7 laptop products include:

With affordable prices and fierce specifications, this laptop has become one of the prima donnas of mid-sized gamers as an option to balance their daily lives in gaming and daily matters.

Up to 1TB of storage space, 4GB DDR4 RAM and 2GB Nvidia GT940MX VGA graphics card, it’s enough for you to use it for your daily life.

Asus is usually known as a laptop manufacturer that every product has a very good motherboard compared to others. Although many other laptop vendors are trying to create a gaming laptop product, Asus is still a manufacturer that is trusted by gamers because the specifications created for each product are always fierce in playing even heavy games. Then, the warranty is given longer than others. Some of the Asus i7 laptop products include:

  • Asus A442UQ-FA019T

This Asus product besides having high specifications is also designed for consumers who have high mobility, so it is designed stylish and thin. Usually, such products are intended for the design community. 8GB of DDR4 RAM helps balance the performance of the i7 embedded in it. Although the price is a little expensive, the specifications offered are pretty decent.

  • Asus X550VX-DM701D

If you have more budget, it never hurts to buy an Asus i7 laptop product on this one. Because this laptop is the cheapest gaming laptop than other Asus gaming laptops. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a gaming laptop with a cheap budget, this product is worth considering.