personal gps tracker for car

Personal GPS Tracker for Car

Personal GPS tracker for car has become one of the most fundamental needs for transporting in this age. Though there are various types of GPSs you can purchase, not all of the offer the exact quality that you need. Here are some recommendations that you might need in choosing GPS:

This type of GPS is in the popular list. This might be the most suitable choice for you, because it offers a real-time GPS tracking. You can even know the precise location of your car, thanks to the three-axis acceleration mater. It also has a super quick update about the location: about every five seconds. The GPS will notify you if your car is leaving an area, because of a feature called the geographic fencing. Other good thing about the STI is its compact size: 1.5 x 0.9 x 2.7 inches. You don’t need to worry about finding a space for this GPS.

When thinking of using a personal GPS tracker for car, budget should be one of the most important consideration before actually picking a GPS. But if budget isn’t your problem, maybe this one is for you. By spending over a hundred buck for the GPS, of course, you’ll get more than any other products. The first benefit you’ll get is the tracking capability that is extremely detailed. You’ll feel like the features that you’re getting from this GPS is something that comes out of spy movie. Other amazing thing is that you can set the time you want to get updates of your location. You can choose from every 60 seconds until 10 seconds.

The last product you’ll need to take a look at is Ablegrid. It’s amazing how this GPS can standby for 180 days! You don’t need to worry about charging it because you still can use the GPS for two weeks before it actually dies and requires recharging. Though its size is a bit bigger than any other GPS, there’s one thing to keep in mind, that this GPS doesn’t need any wires to be installed. You can even connect the GPS to Google Maps and you’ll have a real-time update about your location. Thanks to the synchronization, you’ll have your locations history and gives you recommendation for routes. If this is what you need, then go grab this personal GPS tracker for car.  

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