best 4k console games

The Best 4k Console Game Along with The Development Of Technology

Currently, gamers are increasingly spoiled by the high-quality graphics of games with 4K resolution. Sony has released the PlayStation 4 Pro console along with the appearance of the PlayStation 4 Slim version, both variants are equally PS4 generation, but the PS4 Pro has the advantage in terms of hardware that can produce graphics quality games up to 4K resolution, of course with television that supports. Even so, not all games also have increased resolution up to 4K, only a few developers who do the work again to improve the quality of the graphics of the game. Here is two best 4k console game

Gaming Computers

Best gaming console 2019, Gaming computers are Personal Computers specifically designed for playing games. Personal Computer is one of best 4k console game, even so, the specifications are enough to do a variety of other activities, such as typing and skating on the internet. The form can also be a desktop or laptop. Unlike other game consoles, gaming computers have varied prices ranging from millions to tens of millions. The advantage is you can adjust the graphic quality as desired. Meanwhile, a lot of PC games that can be accessed, starting from Steam, GOG, Origin, and other exclusive game pages. The price also varies, ranging from thousands to millions. However, the advantages, most PC games have slanted prices.

The most famous is Steam, which often holds massive discounts, one of the cheapest is the Summer Sale. You can get discounts of up to ninety percent, even so, you can’t be crazy. Because in the end many Steam games were purchased, but they were not played. Next was the best and most sophisticated console game in this century. You can weigh, which one is roughly the gasket matches your taste and capital. It doesn’t hurt to have more than one game console, as long as you have to remember to play the existing game.

PlayStation Neo

Digital Foundry has just released a very interesting experimental video. In their experiments, they made a PC which is a replica of the PlayStation Neo using the latest Polaris graphics card whose specifications resemble the PlayStation Neo. From several tests conducted, the PlayStation Neo was found to be able to bring the game in 4K resolution, but with poor performance. One of the games tested in the experiment this time was Star Wars Battlefront which turned out to only be able to run less than thirty fps at 4K resolution on the PlayStation Neo replica system. Of course, the graphic details used in the game are adjusted to those in the console, not using the maximum graphics settings on a PC. Interestingly, Star Wars Battlefront can be played very well at 1080p resolution with framerates ranging at sixty fps. Seeing this, TechFrag said that if most PlayStation Neo games will run at 1080p resolution for better performance. There are more best 4k console game that you should know but if you wanted to buy one, I recommend one of these consoles.