best cpu cooler for gaming

The Free and Best CPU Cooler for Gaming

The best CPU cooler for gaming, what is it? Are annoyed of your Smartphone getting easier to heat up? Yes, if the Smartphone is used more, consequently, it heats up for the CPU that works harder. There are some activities using Smartphone that increase the CPU’s works. One of them is gaming. Moreover, when you are playing a game, it must be quite difficult to stop. Downloading and installing a CPU cooler is the best solution. Moreover, it is if you can find that is recommended for gaming. What are those CPU cooler apps?

DU Battery Saver

First of all, there is DU Battery Saver that actually has 2 main features. They are Battery Saver and Fast Charging. Sure, it means you don’t need to install 2 different apps. But if you are going to the Phone Boost feature, you can cool down the device only with a tap. Junk and cache are removed using this feature. Next, the opened apps are automatically stopped and closed. This way, your Smartphone is cooled down and it works much faster. It is better to activate this app when you play a certain game. Mainly if you collect games with big sizes, this one is definitely recommended.

Cooling Master

The next best CPU cooler for gaming is Cooling Master. Cooling Master is an app that is indeed specially designed to solve the overheating problem. Just like DU Battery Saver, this app works by inactivating apps that force the CPU to work harder. Interestingly, Cooling Master is demanded a lot by gamers for its great cooling algorithm. For this reason also, the app is known as one of 5 recommended CPU coolers. The size of the product is quite small so that it will not spend too much space. Aside from being good for gaming, you can also use Cooling Master for other multitasking activities.


Most of the Coolify users love to use this product for its trendy and attractive layout. The main function is to keep the Smartphone’s temperature cool for sure. Interestingly, it also stabilizes the temperature for quite long. Therefore, you don’t need to tap the app’s button multiple times just to make it work. Coolify is available with a relatively lightweight size. You can download the product for free for enjoying its basic functions. If you prefer more features from this app, the premium version is available. This is the best CPU cooler for gaming for sure.

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