what is the best cpu water cooler

What is the best CPU water cooler for gaming?

What is the best CPU water cooler? Not all people may need to use a CPU water cooler indeed. But if you are a hardcore gamer, this device is definitely needed. There are some types of coolers available in the market. Out of them, the most popular one is the type of All-in-One Liquid CPU cooler. The device works by keeping the processor’s temperature into normal. It is even if you are spending so much time to play games or do other activities. There are brands that produce liquid CPU cooler series. Meanwhile, the recommendations are as follows.

LEPA AquaChanger is known as one of the cheapest CPU liquid coolers available in the market. Sure, although the product is affordable, the cooler can still work very well to improve your CPU’s performance. The product has a small size as well as it is very lightweight. It supports all types of CPU including Intel and AMD sockets. Some features are equipped in it. They are the fan, radiator, cold plate, and anti-leak tube. Since it is in the category of closed liquid loop, the liquid inside will not be easily leaked or spilled out. For the casing mini-ITX, it is compatible for its small size.

What is the best CPU water cooler? The next answer is Corsair Hydro H60. Well, if LEPA AquaChanger 120 has been popular for its small size, the product from Corsair is even smaller than that. Some features are available in mini size as well including the radiator and fan with only 120 mm for each of them. In terms of price, the product is more expensive than LEPA AquaChanger. To make the cooler work better, it provides a copper plate that is good enough for the heat transfer. Both fan and pump are relatively quiet, making it work better than other products in its class. It is reasonable to enlist Corsair Hydro H60 in 5 recommended CPU coolers.

From the name only, it is known that the cooler is mainly intended for gaming activities. Interestingly, compared with the 2 small products above, this one is still smaller. The PC casing is thinner that makes the product more lightweight also. Deepcool CAPTAIN features a reactor pump. It supports all types of CPU from various brands including Intel and AMD. With other features like the copper plate, LED lamp, and the likes, the product is the real definition of what is the best CPU water cooler?

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