what is the best game console ever

What Is The Best Game Console Ever In The Last few years?

Talking about the best gaming console 2019 is relative. It all depends on your tastes and needs, of course. There are varieties of sophisticated console games today. For you who are confused about which one to buy, you could weigh the specifications, price, features, and games available. So, if you are asking the question of what is the best game console ever in the last few years, you should take a look at these following the review.

Even though this console would cost you a great deal of money but it is provided an amazing game graphics. PlayStation 4 is one of the best game consoles for you to consider to put in your console list and it is different with the other game consoles because this console has two variants, those are PlayStation 4 Slim and also PlayStation 4 pro. The most striking advantage of the PlayStation 4 Pro is its resolution support which achieves four thousand (4K) quality. Another advantage, PlayStation 4 has the most exclusive games that cannot be played on other game consoles, for instance, The Last of Us, The Uncharted series, Bloodborne, most recently Marvel’s Spiderman and et cetera.

This game console is the latest console game you should consider to buy by carrying out the concept of hybrid, you can play this console game on TV or be taken anywhere when you are traveling. Although it does not carry games with resolutions as high as the PlayStation 4 Pro, Nintendo Switch offers many of the latest games and suitable for playing by all family members. So, Nintendo Switch is your answer to what is the best game console ever

Despite losing popularity with the PlayStation 4 in the country, Xbox One does not lose presenting many of the latest games. The variants that you can choose are the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Both are carrying the quality of 4K, only the Xbox One X is more sophisticated in terms of processor and power. Similar to PlayStation 4, Xbox One offers a lot of quality and latest games. Xbox One also has exclusive games that you can play, such as Halo 5: Guardians, Sunset Overdrive and the Forza series. However, the numbers are still far behind the PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, the advantage of Xbox One compared to PlayStation 4 is its compatibility to be able to play games from the previous console, the Xbox 360. Thus, to answer your question of what is the best game console ever, you could consider these three game consoles.