which handheld game console is best

Which handheld game console is best: GMC Vs GBA

Along with the development of technology the handheld console game has been improved. If we talk about portable consoles, Nintendo hardly has any significant competition. So far, maybe only the PlayStation Portable can provide significant resistance. If you asked about which handheld game console is the best, then you should consider this article.


Game Boy Color or what we called it as GMC is a more recent version of Game Boy. The most obvious difference from the handheld console that was released in the late nineteenth with the original version of Game Boy lies in the screen capabilities that can reproduce colors, even though the screen resolution is still the same as its predecessor. GBC also has dimensions that are slightly slimmer and taller than Game Boy. The best-selling game on this console is Pokemon Gold and Silver, which sold up to fourteen million copies. GBC is selling well because it has legacy compatibility that allows it to play Game Boy cartridges which makes GBC game choices even wider. The majority of them are exclusive games for GBC. Call it Doraemon no Study Boy and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to be the ultimate game GBC, each released in Japan and North America and Europe. So, Which handheld game console is best?, of course, GMC would be one of them.


First released in the early twentieth century, Game Boy Advance when it got direct competition from other portable consoles such as Neo Geo Pocket Color, GP32, and Nokia N-Gage. Even so, the portable console market share remains dominated by Nintendo with its GBA which has sold 81.5 million units worldwide. Another with the previous Game Boy line design that has a portrait or elongated model, the GBA is designed in a landscape or vertical form. Nintendo places access buttons on the left and right of the screen. This button placement is different from the previous line below the screen. Just two AA batteries to play on a pocket console that has this compact size. Even though it has an “Advanced” appendage, GBA is not even equipped with a backlight. A deficiency that was strongly criticized by his fans. Timeless franchises that are timeless like Mario, Zelda, and Final Fantasy, of course, you can play here. Pokemon became the best-selling game through the Ruby & Sapphire series which has sold 16 million copies. GBA is also rich in a variety of add-ons and accessories that are officially licensed and third-party made. Which handheld game console is best for you? GMC or BGA, it depends on your tastes of you to choose the best gaming console 2019