In Memory of the Godfather of Street-Style Photography: Bill Cunningham

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Bill Cunningham passed away recently on June 25th of 2016. He focuses his work on clothing as personal expression. His most notable columns are On the Street and Evening Hours on the New York Times. He could be easily spotted with his bike and blue jacket. He was a gentle man. He called everyone “child”.

These are a few of his most recent work

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Here’s what people have to say about Bill:

“It was always a great thrill to wake up on a Sunday morning and see your picture in his column,” Fern Mallis

“I didn’t yet know him and he certainly didn’t know me, but he did notice that I was inappropriately dressed for the blizzard-like conditions and, so, he just quietly walked over and put his big blue parka over my shoulders and said something to the effect of, ‘Child, wear this — you’re cold.’ I’ll never forget it.” Alina Cho

“Bill was so frugal that when we were in Paris he found a hotel that was $2 a night — no toilet in the room, no bath or shower. When he would come to my hotel to pick me up so we could go together to file our coverage, I would always tell him that I wasn’t quite ready and that if he would like to use my bathroom to take a shower, please do. He did. And he always left the bathroom cleaner than he found it. I loved, admired, revered him — both for his work and his life.” Marylou Luther

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People called him a living legend. He lived through the evolution of the New York fashion for at least 40 years. His presence on the street will be missed. He shall be remembered as the Godfather of Street-Style Photography.

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— Bill Cunningham, forever in the memory of New Yorker —

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